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The method: Hot water rotary jet extraction. We utilize truck mounted, high efficiency extraction units, or can clean portably if necessary, for example high-rise apartment units or office space. Our cleaning surfactants are all-natural, citrus-based solutions, because the last thing we want to do is introduce harmful chemicals into your carpet. What does this mean to you? Carpet safe enough for your children to crawl on that looks good enough to host a dinner party.

RemCon specializes in restorative carpet cleaning, allowing for office space or rental properties to be used again and again without the cost of replacing carpet. Whether it be fugitive dyes, smoke odors, pet contamination, or just a soda spill, the professionals at RemCon can very likely clean it.

Q & A

What about those machines I can rent at the grocery store?

RemCon strongly recommends that you do not use those machines. They do not have enough extraction power to remove dirt, debris, contaminants, or even the soap they introduce into your carpet. Additionally, it can be very difficult to professionally clean carpets once they have been cleaned with a rental.

My daughter painted a lovely picture with her crayons... on my carpet. Will it come out?

Most likely. Crayon residue on carpets can typically be removed without further damage to the fibers.

What if our carpet hasn't been cleaned for years?

Throw it at us! Depending on the type and extent of soiling, it may take more than one cleaning to restore it to its original vibrancy, but that is likely still less expensive than replacement.

I have pets that I fear have contaminated my carpet. What can be done?

This all depends on the type of animal and the extent of contamination. RemCon offers "High-Intensity Ultraviolet Light" inspections that can specifically identify the areas and extent of damages. Sometimes a simple cleaning will remedy the situation, although there are instances where more extensive work may be required. If this is the case, RemCon also specializes in the removal of pet stains and odors beyond the capability of carpet cleaning!

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