Colorado Meth Labs

Due to availability, Meth production has grown dramatically over the last few years. If you have discovered that the production of "Meth" was performed in a property, there is reason to be concerned. The residual contamination in a property after the production of Meth can be highly toxic.

RemCon is one of the few companies in Colorado that trains its employees to perform methamphetamine laboratory remediation. The state of Colorado recently passed legislation that governs the cleanup of former Meth-labs. RemCon has stayed abreast of the recent changes and guidelines, and is proud to be a complete resource for your needs. We can provide you with information about the testing and cleanup process, as well as put you in contact with the industry leading Industrial Hygienists that perform the inspection and sampling procedures. There is even the possibility that your insurance policy would cover at least a portion of the costs.

If you have discovered that Methamphetamines have been produced in your home or rental property, please do not attempt to clean it yourself. Contamination of this kind should only be dealt with by a company with the proper qualifications and experience. Even if you do not choose RemCon, please take care with the company you do choose.

Q & A

How do I know if a property was a Meth Lab?

Because Meth is made up of mostly chemicals, it is difficult to determine on a visual basis whether or not its production occurred. Some telltale signs of Meth production include red stains (much like Kool-Aid) in sinks or near floor drains. Kitty litter debris can also be an indication, as it is used to minimize the smell of Meth production. Blacked out windows and chemistry type paraphernalia (beakers, tubing, etc.) can also indicate possible Meth Production.

Can I clean Meth contamination myself?

The contamination left behind by the production of Meth can be highly toxic. Therefore, attempting to clean it yourself may directly expose you to harmful chemicals. Additionally, cleaning it yourself introduces you to a large amount of liability. Methamphetamine laboratory remediation should only be performed by qualified professionals with the knowledge and expertise to protect their own employees and any future inhabitants of the property.

What is my first step if I know a property was used to produce Meth?

There are several answers to this question, depending on which point of "discovery" has been attained. If the property is suspect, but there has been no police involvement, contacting the authorities would be the first step. If the local authorities are involved, and the property has been determined to have definitely been a Meth production site, then the services of a qualified consultant are required to evaluate and sample the property. Once this evaluation has been completed, the cleanup process may begin. If you have any specific questions about the steps required, the professionals at RemCon are pleased to assist in determining what your next step may be.

Are there laws that govern the cleanup of Meth Labs?

Effective March 2005, the state of Colorado implemented a clean-up guideline for Meth Labs. The bill governs the cleanup of Meth Labs on a limited basis, and sets the minimum requirements for the entire state of Colorado. Local jurisdictions have the authority to impose more stringent regulations, but must meet the state requirements at a minimum. If you have discovered a Meth Lab, the surest way to determine the proper clean-up requirements would be to contact your local authorities or Health Department.

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