At RemCon, we understand and respect the potential health effects related to mold contamination, but are not going to use scare tactics to create work. RemCon prides itself on its practical, no frills approach to Mold Remediation. It is not our job to frighten you; it is our job to provide solutions. Our dedicated team has over 45 years of combined experience and more than a dozen industry certifications related to water damage and Mold. When you work with RemCon, you have chosen to work with experienced professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality remediation and customer service.

RemCon provides complete remediation services throughout Colorado. We have successfully performed thousands of remediations from Pueblo to Fort Collins, and Grand Junction to Limon. Did you know that a home in the mountains is more likely to have Mold in the attic than a home on the plains? We do, and would be pleased to discuss the potential problems associated with where you live.

Health Issues

Simply put, individuals react to Mold exposure on and individual basis. Those with allergies may react immediately when exposed to an environment with elevated levels of Mold. Children are at a higher risk due to the development of their lungs and immune systems. The elders in our community may also be at a higher risk. There are entirely too many factors to determine or define exactly how any one person will react when exposed to Mold.

Unfortunately, the media has us all believing that our headache is caused by Mold, or that it has caused our children to develop asthma. Yes, it may be a possibility, but there are literally thousands of environmental conditions that contribute to our daily health. Your personal physician is the most effective source of information regarding what may be causing any health conditions you are experiencing.

Armed with this information, you may still be wondering what type of health issues can be attributed to Mold. There are many possibilities, and while some have been proven, others have not. The most obvious symptom is an allergic reaction including sneezing, shortness of breath, and congestion. Asthma may or may not be caused by Mold exposure. Headaches, memory loss, and dizziness have been linked to Mold exposure as well. Finally, there are extreme cases where Mold may even begin to grow inside our lungs.

The experience of RemCon does not include diagnosing health conditions. Our experience lies in the evaluation and remediation of Mold growth within a structure. And in this we excel.

Does Your Home Have Mold?

To begin with, Mold needs at least two things to grow, water and food. Potential food sources include any cellulose (organic) material. These items include drywall, carpet, wood, furniture, and many other items commonly found in homes or offices. The good news is, without water, Mold cannot thrive. Evaluating Mold consists of evaluating moisture, of which there are hundreds of possibilities in a home.


In Colorado’s dry climate, it is less likely that Mold growth will occur without good reason. The most common Mold environment in Colorado occurs in crawlspaces or structural wood floor basements. Colorado has thousands of homes with one or the other, and the vast majority of them likely have moisture related problems. The good news is, these moisture problems can be remedied. RemCon has performed literally thousands of crawlspace remediations, and has an intricate knowledge of key moisture control components including moisture barrier installation and proper ventilation.


Attics are another common environment conducive to Mold growth in Colorado. Our extreme temperature changes can cause condensation in an attic without an active leak in the roof. Commonly found on the northern slope of attics, condensation occurs on the underside of the roof sheathing when snow or ice is not removed or does not melt away immediately. This causes such an extreme temperature differential from the attic to the outside that condensation forms and Mold growth has the potential to occur.

Moisture Intrusions or Leaks

If your property has incurred a moisture intrusion or leak somewhere, and it was not addressed immediately and appropriately, there is the potential for Mold growth. This growth may not be visible to the naked eye, as it may be trapped inside wall or ceiling cavities. The longer a leak continues, the more likely some form of growth will occur. There are several tactics that can be used to determine if hidden Mold growth exists. RemCon can perform many of these tactics; others require the services of an Industrial Hygienist or Consultant. If you have questions regarding the potential for hidden Mold growth and how to investigate it, RemCon can provide answers.

Selling Your Home

More than two-thirds of the Mold remediations performed by RemCon involve a real estate transaction (of which 75% are structural wood floors and crawlspaces). Because of this experience, RemCon is able to provide effective solutions that will satisfy everybody’s concerns and budget. If a home inspector has red-flagged a potential Mold infestation in a home, RemCon can act as a complete resource of information and solutions. We have partnered ourselves with industry leading consultants that can provide liability protection for all parties involved, and have compiled an elite team of in-house professionals to provide the highest quality remediation services.

RemCon is pleased to provide free estimates* in the event of a potential Mold infestation. Our philosophy is to eliminate any remediation surprises. We absolutely do not employ a "Bait and Switch" mentality. When you are buying or selling a home, you want to be confident that the agreed cost is accurate, and that is exactly what we provide.

If you are thinking of selling your home, and have not listed it yet, RemCon gladly offers inspection services for a minimal cost to evaluate susceptible areas of your home, including crawlspaces, attics, and other areas of potential water damage and/or Mold growth. We will provide a thorough inspection report (with photographs) detailing our findings that can be provided to an interested buyer. This service can be extremely beneficial if you have a crawlspace or structural wood floor, as these are historically the most common problem areas in a home.

* Free estimates are available only within the Denver Metro Area. If you live outside the Denver Metro Area, please contact us for inspection/estimate costs.

Q & A

Should I test for Mold growth?

It is important to understand the information provided by testing. Samples can both identify and quantify the presence of Mold. If the growth is visible in a property, sampling may not be necessary unless the owner or tenant has a specific concern (i.e. health concerns). Sampling can assist in evaluating whether or not Mold growth has occurred as a result of water damage or moisture intrusions. Sampling is extremely beneficial upon completion of a remediation to verify that the work was performed properly. A company independent of the remediation contractor should perform this sampling.

Can I take care of Mold growth myself?

Legally, yes. There are no laws governing the remediation of Mold, at least not yet. Consider this: RemCon spends thousands of dollars annually to protect our employees and our clients from Mold exposure during remediation. This money is spent on training, certification, equipment, and insurance. Performing your own remediation not only increases your health exposure, it also increases your legal liability. Working with trained professionals greatly minimizes these risks.

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