Odor Removal in Colorado

The professionals at RemCon are experienced in diagnosing sources, and determining the proper cleanup protocols. Due to the many possibilities that contribute to foul odors, proper investigation is imperative in determining the proper cleanup procedure.

High Intensity Ultraviolet Light Inspection

RemCon offers "High-Intensity Ultraviolet Light Inspection Services" (black-light) to assist in determining what the source of odors might be. This inspection can identify dozens of potential contaminants that contribute to foul odors, and can be performed in any area of a home. This inspection process can minimize cleanup costs by identifying target areas.

Other devices can be utilized to discover hidden moisture problems that may contribute to Mold growth. Proper identification of the source is imperative in determining a clean-up procedure. Sometimes it is simple, for example when the beloved family pet has used the crawlspace for a litterbox.

Once the source and extent of contamination has been identified, a clean-up protocol can be established to mitigate the odor. RemCon utilizes a variety of different applications for odor mitigation. We will never use a masking agent. We have spent considerable effort researching and confirming the effectiveness of true odor counteractants, all of which have received the proper ratings and approvals from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Q & A

Can I use Ozone to eliminate odors?

Ozone can be very effective in treating odors, but is rarely the only solution. First, the use of ozone requires that the property be vacated during and after the treatment. Ozone creates unstable molecules, which can be detrimental to a human’s health. Additionally, the effectiveness of ozone is limited by the extent of contamination. Typically, ozone should be used to supplement other cleanup procedures.

Is replacing urine-contaminated carpet enough?

Generally speaking, no. Depending on the extent of the contamination, replacing the carpet and even the carpet pad may not be enough. In some cases, the contamination has soaked through the subfloor, which requires a fairly involved cleanup process. This is a situation where a "High Intensity Ultraviolet Light Inspection" can be useful in determining the correct mitigation procedure and the extent of the contamination.

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